Examples of Hands in the Community assisting needs


We currently have multiple projects that are in need of a work group. (A workgroup can consist of a youth group, men’s bible study, home bible study, one/two families, etc.) To start the process, please have one person from a group contact HNC phone: (559) 625-3822 and we will give you the contact for the needy person directly. If you or a group can help, please arrange a time that works best for everyone. Then give us a call and let us know when you can do the project and the number of people involved, and if there is any equipment needed. We can also be reached by email hncvisalia@gmail.com

Here is a sample list of projects that Hands in the Community is monitoring:


Skirting repair on Mobile Home / Kitchen Countertop

Fence repair – multiple locations

Ramp repair – multiple locations

Door installed/pipe replaced

Yard Work - multiple locations

Kitchen floor repair/Laundry room 

Roof repair

Walk way/pavers

Shower rail repair/gas leak in stove

Light Housekeeping – multiple locations

Air conditioning repair  

Painting outside of house

Home repair / contractor

Fence Repair

Floor repair, furniture moving

Screen door replace/ safety locks on doors