Hands in the Community Archived Newsletters

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Many 'Hands' help in gang prevention - January 30, 2010

Visalia Times Delta

"I grew up in what would have been classified now as an at-risk family," he said.

"My parents divorced when I was 13. Different families adopted me, all from Christian homes. They got involved in my life; it wasn't just a peripheral role. They weren't just throwing clothes at me. They were disciplining me."

Moon has used that model for 12 after-school programs in Visalia sponsored by Hands in the Community, which is also developing several more throughout the county…

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News Article in the Visalia Times Delta December 14, 2009


For 11 months, the organization Hands in the Community has lived up to its motto: "Uniting the hand of the helper to the hand of those in need."

The faith-based, nonprofit organization connects services and resources with those who need them, working with existing organizations as well as...

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October and November Newsletter

The youth group showed up at 8:30 AM on a Saturday. I explained what I needed and then next thing I knew, it was done. They did a huge amount of work in the first hour, and they loved it. I went out back with some snacks and had a ball watching them clown around; one of the kids was way up in the trees cutting branches with a hand saw...

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HNC What We Do

Hands in the Community (HNC) is a ministry that was formed because of the community’s desire to be proactive in the lives of the needy and despairing in our community. We believe Christ alone can shine hope into those lives. Who better to carry that light, but the believer? Matt 5:16 says, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.”

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Become a Volunteer

A distinctive of HNC is the Christian character and spirit of the organization and intention. The goal is to minister to people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless or race, color, or creed. Your personal involvement is what is required to meet the goal of assisting families in the greater Visalia area, and ministering with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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April May Newsletter 2009

On May 2nd a group of people converged on her property and started to clean it up. By noon, we had removed a lot of debris, moved several cords of wood away from a building, and cut down several trees...

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February March Newsletter

He had survived a lifechanging accident that left him with brain damage. It took everything from him and left him broken and single. He felt like no one else could understand the burden he was carrying. At times he would feel overwhelmed with waves of discouragement and frustration. In the midst of these struggles, he had to find a way to start over...

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December and January Newsletter

We contacted one church, and then another. The pastor's wife answered the call and thought we were joking. When she realized that we were serious, she started to cry. Their church earlier in the week had made a decision, because there was no money, they would not be able to provide any Christmas gifts for the children in the community. She knew this was from God...