Praise at Hands in the Community “Hand Shakes”

 Welcome our newest Community Advisor!

Ralph Bookout was raised in Bakersfield, participated in high school sports (football & wrestling) finalist in state competition in wrestling, graduated Fresno State Magna Cum Laude, Toyota dealership in Ridgecrest, CA (Bookout Toyota) before coming to Visalia Datsun/Nissan dealership (Bookout Nissan).  He now tinkers with old cars, dune buggies, and dirt bikes.

He joins other community leaders. HNC brings community leaders together to address emerging issues and to help develop strategies for change and provide a link between HNC and the community. These people are knowledgeable of the community and recognized for their personal involvement in civic affairs.

Welcome Ralph and his work to be a catalyst for improvement within the Tulare County area.


 Recognizing the Hands in the Community who aid us in our mission and journey:

Handy Hands – Our special thanks to Frank’s Appliance Sales and Service. The local Visalia business extended a generous helping hand when they donated a refrigerator to a group home for girls last month. The business has also volunteered their time and expertise by sending a technician to help a Visalia widow fix a broken appliance in addition to offering their assistance to a family in need of washing machine repairs. Businesses like Frank’s Appliance Sales and Service, who dedicate their time, resources and funds to aid the families and individuals who contact HNC, demonstrate the true spirit of serving the Lord in answering the prayers in our community.

So often, HNC praises the work of our volunteers - those who are meeting the needs of the families and individuals who contact the ministry for assistance. Yet, we cannot forget to recognize the incredible generosity of our business partners in the community. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Keller Williams. When Keller William's heard about Gina and her story, they acted immediately in coming to the rescue of a Visalia grandmother…

Gina lives with her disabled grandson and has selflessly dedicated her life to caring for him day in and day out. Gina contacted HNC in January asking for our help to find a way to build a ramp to her home in order to ensure both she and her grandson could safely enter and exit. For months, Gina had to rely on neighbors, friends and volunteers to carry her grandson in and out of their home. When HNC received her call, our office volunteers immediately sprang into action by contacting several groups, agencies and organizations to try and connect Gina with a resource. Unfortunately, months rolled by as Gina and HNC continued to pray that God's hand would guide this project. Our prayers were answered when Keller William's saw a church bulletin insert from HNC. The company decided to adopt this project and see it through to completion - from the initial design and construction to the full installation of the ramp. Gina and her grandson are now able to safely come and go because of the generous hearts at Keller Williams!

“High Fives”

Testimonials from the families and individuals who benefit from HNC’s services:

"I volunteered at HNC because I’ve always had a heart and a desire to go out and become involved in my community. I enjoy reaching out and helping people who are in need. My family and I went out and did yard work at a widow’s house. Doing this project made me realize that not only did I give but I also received. I gave a woman something that she needed because she was not able to do it herself, and in doing this I was fulfilled. "Then the King will answer, 'I tell you the truth, anything you did for even the least of my people here, you also did for me.’ Matthew 25:40

--Dominique J.

Hands in the Community is a real answer to prayer! As a single mom and recently unemployed, I had many needs. I learned of Hands in the Community and asked for some help in plumbing, yard work and other household needs. The volunteers at Hands in the Community bent over backwards to get me the help I needed and even prayed with me for employment. I knew this is a ministry that I wanted to be connected with and volunteered to help too! It was exciting to be a part of a yard clean-up project for a widowed woman. A team of 11 women, men, and young people went out to cut down weeds and trim trees in a large lot. The widowed woman said this is something she has prayed for a long time. Receiving was such a huge blessing, but lending a hand was fulfilling. The Lord says “ Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.” Matthew 25:40. Thank you Lord for letting me do something for you!

--Deanna J.

Dear Hands in the Community,

I have a card coming in the mail, but thought I'd send this off to you now, just to let you know how you have touched me so very personally as well as my family.

We have been hit hard recently with some very serious and scary issues one right after the other. My husband lost his job that he loved because of a severe budget cut at the Adult School. I had a painful back injury that I have been enduring since January that caused a syovial cyst to form on my spinal cord. A few weeks ago it grew to the max capacity that I could bear and the next step would have been paralysis. The day Lester called about the car coming through for our family I was scheduled for surgery and pretty scared. It was such an encouragement to get this call not only because it let us know that the Lord was looking out for us but Lester shared that you guys would pray for me. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and thanks just doesn't seem to be much when you are touched so deeply by the Lord through people like you. Jesus will have to explain how important these things are when we get to heaven because I just don't have the words.

Very Sincerely and Gratefully,

Darci A

“Your organization is truly a blessing to those in need. I’m so grateful for your help in repairing my car. The man who fixed my car did a good job and was quick to do it. God bless him for his help; and God bless you for organizing it and following through. You are doing God’s work by being there when there’s a need.”

-- Sandy (widow)