Our service begins the moment we are contacted! When one of our volunteers receives a phone call requesting help, we begin the process by verifying the need. Once verified, we use our network of resources to connect the individual with the appropriate agency or service that can meet that need. Our service doesn’t end there. We encourage building relationships and providing a support network that will assist people in becoming self sufficient.

Finding yourself in a position of needing help can make you feel vulnerable. Chances are, if you are reading this, your need is real and time-sensitive. Hands in the Community is designed to walk beside you on your journey, to be an advocate, support network, encourager and mostly, a friend in times of trial. If you simply feel tired and/or have exhausted all of your options, know that there are people available to walk your journey with you. We are an organization that will strive to find the best outcome for your situation.

Some of the services we can connect you to:

  • Medical
  • Parenting Aids
  • Financial
  • Lawyer or Paralegal
  • Teen Mom Support
  • Help Filling out Forms
  • Food
  • Home Repairs
  • Tutor
  • Transportation
  • Short-term Housing
  • Shopping Help
  • Prayer