Frequently Asked Questions

HNC needs volunteers and will help you fit in the place that God can use you the most. These are some of the questions that you may be asking yourself.

What if I don't have lots of time to donate, but still want to help?

Hands in the Community is looking for any type of volunteer. It doesn't matter how much time because any amount of time will help someone in need. God has perfect timing and we will never ask more of you than what you are willing to give

I really don't have any qualifications what can I do?

Do you have a listening ear? Can you make a phone call? Can you search online? Can you make copies? There are many different ways to volunteer. Do you have a heart that loves the Lord? That's all the qualification that you need.

What if I am part of a group or organization, how can we help?

We have projects that several people can help do, i.e. yard work, painting, cleaning house, etc. and the date/times are flexible.

Can I do community service hours through your organization?

The short answer is yes…they would need to get approval from the school, organization before doing the work…this can be in the office or on a project.

I am not sure about helping people I don’t know, how can I know that this is safe?

HNC qualifies the person making the request and verifies the need is legitimate before we ever ask you to help them?.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday 9AM- 12 noon and 1-4 PM., except holidays.

Who do I contact HNC for assistance?

Call one of our phone volunteers for assistance between Monday through Friday 9AM- 12 noon and 1-4 PM., except holidays at (559) 625-3822 E-Mail us at for a response within 24 business hours.

If I want to make a financial donation what method of payment is accepted?

Go to our website under the tab donations and you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express Discover, or Bank credit cards via PayPal accepted. You may also use a personal or business check and/or mail it to us at HNC, P.O. Box 6842, Visalia, CA 93290.

How can I use your services?

Individuals and groups find personal enjoyment and reward from sharing their abilities and time, by encouraging those who need help.

Organizations use our services to screen for legitimate needs, thus saving both time and money.

What if I have trouble navigating the website?

We aim to continuously improve our website and its ease of use. If you experience any difficulty in navigating our website, please view our site map at the top of the page. You may also contact us during regular business hours at (559) 625-3822.

Can I incorporate quotes, stories, and excerpts from your website?

You are free to download any of the information for free distribution to your friends, groups, or organizations.

How can I be added to the Hands in the Community mailing list(s)?

To be added to our mailing list: Please send us an email requesting to be added to the mailing list. We maintain a Newsletter list comprised only of individuals who have authorized their interest.

How can I be removed from the HNC mailing list?

To be removed from our mailing list:
In an email received from HNC, please state in the subject line “unsubscribe” and email us at

If I have a story or testimonial I would like to share, what can I do?

We always appreciate hearing your feedback. Please email us with your positive or constructive experiences or check out our online at Hands in the Community Facebook page where you can share your inspirational story.