About Hands in the Community

Our history and how we got started

The vision for Hands in the Community was born in the heart of community leaders of Visalia, along with input from local churches. The overall concern is that Tulare County is becoming a multicultural region with more at-risk families, growing crime, and higher gang activity. There is a window of opportunity for churches and organizations to meet some of the growing needs and challenges of the community by working together.

Visalia city leaders met with local church leaders to ask for help in creating a positive solution to the rising gang problem, along with help for at-risk families and the poor. The city leaders recognize that the church is an essential element in reaching at-risk families and children. The church has the opportunity of reaching out to, winning, and assimilating previously unreached people into the local congregation. One of the best places to focus our efforts is on young children before they become involved in gangs. There are anti-gang programs already in place; unfortunately these subsidized programs will be reduced in the coming school year because of budget cuts. Visalia Unified School District welcomes any assistance the churches can provide (Bible clubs, reading programs, etc.) because they are free and a change in student bodies has already become evident where churches are involved.

About HNC now

When someone calls HNC, they will be greeted by a caring, compassionate Christian, who will convey the love of Jesus Christ.

In Tulare County the faith-based, government funded, private and public resources exist to address crisis and short term needs. The unique strategy of Hands in the Community is to join with these providers in targeting and delivering help to those in need. Hands in the Community joins the hand of the helper to the hand of the needy.